March 2017

REmark: Chicago Industrial: How Much the Top 10 Institutional Owners Actually Own

Chicago’s total industrial market is made up of 1.2 billion SF. Of that, the market’s top 10 largest owners own nearly 142 million SF – that’s approximately 11% of the total market. It might not seem like much, but when you take a step back and compare that amount to other markets, it’s pretty incredible. To put it into perspective, that “tiny” 11.4% of industrial space that the top 10 owners own in Chicago is almost 50% of the entire Indianapolis industrial market (300 million SF), nearly 75% of Nashville’s industrial market (191 million SF), and 5X the size of the Lincoln, Nebraska industrial market (28 million SF). 
Source: Outside inventory numbers provided by NAI Global affiliate offices

Top 10 Largest Institutional Owners (listed alphabetically)
Cabot Properties
CenterPoint Properties
DCT Industrial Trust
Duke Realty
Exeter Property Group
Global Logistics Properties (GLP)
Liberty Property Trust
ML Realty
TA Realty
Source: CoStar

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