April 2015

5 Ways to Put the Earth Back into Earth Day

Did you know that the energy used by a building to support just one office worker for a day causes over two times more greenhouse gas emissions than that person’s drive to and from work? 

This week, property management teams at many of our office buildings are promoting activities to better the planet, reaching more than 4,500 people. Although these may be small changes, together we can make a positive impact. Take a look at the ideas below to save energy at work and help fight climate change.

Plant – Get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, beautify your grounds, and get started on the many benefits that plants provide us. Stop by your local home improvement store to pick up seeds or saplings; it’s a simple, low cost way to give back to the Earth.

Recycle – Recycle and use recycled products. Products made from recycled paper, glass, metal and plastic reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials. 

Take the stairs – Reduce energy consumption, save yourself waiting time, and get some free exercise by skipping the elevator to take the stairs. It might seem like a small step for change, but it’s a green thing to do. Any energy saved is good for the environment.

Walk, hike, bike – Take part in reducing vehicle emissions today. Instead of driving, try to walk, hike or bike to your destination. 

Power down – Turn off your lights and power down your computer when they’re not in use to help reduce our carbon footprint. Make sure your computer is set to a power-save mode after a short amount of idle time. The EPA recommends 15 minutes for your monitor and 30 minutes for your computer.

For additional tips, click here to view ENERGY STAR’s tips to save energy at work.

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