As a marketing specialist, I have been enjoying the challenge of creative thinking and building an understanding of needs of various groups of clients.  Marketing is an ever-changing industry and it can help businesses get better at reaching all different types of people with what they value.  Therefore, I always expect to be an active participant in the marketing team and work smart to make contributions to leverage the company’s reputation, as well as increase our exposure to the public.  At NAI Hiffman, working on interesting projects and campaigns with the potential to build a strong reputation for the company motivates me.  Our TRUSTED marketing team serve both external and internal clients professionally.  For external customers, I am dedicated to preparing pitch books, presentations, customer reports, tenant communications, flyers, emails, and all types of deliverables.  Internally, I assist in communicating with all levels of teams, understanding their needs and providing strategic marketing support.  Prior to NAI Hiffman, I worked as the marketing developer at Scanwell logistics, building the company’s marketing initiatives and coordinating events.  My peers described me as a reliable team member.  Specializing in communication with proven bilingual language work experience, I was able to apply my creative talents to my projects, developing potential clients, keeping existing customers satisfied, as well as making them feel valued.

I love traveling and taking photos of interesting people and creatures.  Whenever I have a chance, I will search for places to visit.  Me and my husband camp and hike every year.  At first it was the two of us; then we added a dog and next year, we will have a fourth family member; our first son with us!  I am so looking forward to that.  Since my husband is a huge fishing fan, I normally sit next to him and read my novel while enjoying the peacefulness of nature and the quiet environment.  We love making friends while traveling, as well as taking photos with them.  Also, we always come up with fun, awesome photo shoot ideas and gestures, sometimes even a little crazy, as I believe what matters is not the beautiful picture itself, but the story and previous memory behind it.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


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