I have always had an interest in real estate and was a residential appraiser for 10 years before the bubble burst. After that I dabbled in residential sales but didn’t like the hours or inconsistency. I always wondered about commercial real estate and decided to give it a try. I got my start in retail but have moved into industrial here at Hiffman. I enjoy looking after the properties, being the liaison between ownership and tenants, problem solving and having every day bring something new!

Outside of the office I am a mom of two and also a step-mom to two.  I was very lucky to have met my husband and have been remarried for seven years.  My son is a sophomore at the University of Louisville and my daughter will be a freshman at the University of Illinois Champaign next Fall.  Being an “almost empty nester” came very quickly!  Last Spring we rescued three crazy Chihuahuas that are like little babies to us, so they keep us busy.  In my spare time I enjoy tennis and play on several doubles leagues.  I also enjoy golf and any type of cards, and I once wiped out a table of ten men at a Texas Hold’em table at Caesars Palace!!  I also enjoy dining out, wine and watching Food Network, but don’t be fooled, I do NOT cook!!!

“Life.....add meaning.”

Helen Hunt ("As Good As It Gets")

Contact Info

T 630 693 0667