I did not know I was going to love property management, but I do! The details that encompass the proper operation of a building are fascinating. There are routines, day to day tasks that all property professionals need to address, but the best part of this career is the change. You never know what your going to be presented with throughout the day. I enjoy challenges, things that will make a team think outside the box. Speaking of, team work is essential. Building and finding my place on a team is a personal joy. Being able to wrap up a difficult day with the support of my company and co-workers will have me skipping out the door.

I laugh, a lot. Humor is my go to. The internet helps feed my funny bone, I can get lost watching videos of charismatic animals getting their TV moment. I research anything and everything. I am unable to let go of a subject or statement until I have a full understanding of it. Some of my recent researches include: What is an astragal? How did Chicago get its name? Why do we participate in Daylight Saving Time? When it’s time to unplug, I go hiking, often losing cell phone reception, truly getting away from it all.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.”

Henry Ford

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