Growing up, I had an affinity for mathematics – call it what you want, but numbers, equations, and music (yes, music!) all came easy to me. Music and math are very much related; look it up! I’ll wait. I took advanced math classes in school and participated in both piano and voice lessons in my free time. When the time came to choose a college major, I was torn between Accounting and Vocal Performance – in a desperate attempt to follow my passion, I chose Vocal Performance. After a year of music classes, I realized that while I loved music, it was my hobby; accounting needed to be my career. My first accounting job post-college was in banking and I followed that path for several years. When I was in the market for a new position, a friend suggested I look into commercial real estate. The industry had never crossed my mind, but I haven’t looked back since! Most people think of tax preparation and auditing when you mention accounting but I’m SO glad to say that I don’t do either of these (and no offense to those who do!). Commercial real estate is interesting, to say the least, and ever changing. I’m honored to be a part of the transforming CRE landscape with the NAI Hiffman team.

While I come off as outgoing in the office, I’m really an introvert! I’m very much a homebody. I love spending time with my family, including my husband, Jeff; my son, Mason; and my dog, Zack. When I’m not spending quality time with the family, you can find me cheering on my favorite Chicago sports teams – go Cubs! Go Blackhawks! I enjoy a good hockey fight, what can I say? Other than sports, I enjoy working on personal development. Books, podcasts, articles… you name it and I’m there. I love to learn, grow, and better myself. You can’t expect anything to change if you don’t make a change!

“Welcome discomfort. In the process of struggle is where the transformation happens.”

Faith Broussard Cade

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T 630 693 0687