I have been working in Commercial Real Estate for more than 20 years, starting my career as an administrative assistant at Jones Lang LaSalle in the late 90’s. As I grew in the industry, I continued to evolve learning various facets of the business.  Corporate Services, Leasing and Management, Tenant Representation, Capital Markets… office, industrial! I’ve touched it all as a marketing professional and supported teams representing Chicago’s largest tenants and have had the pleasure of marketing vacancies for some of the most well known public and private institutions; growing and learning from the best brokers, managers and professionals in the business has been the best part of working in Chicago real estate. I love coming to the office to “work” every day because it’s never the same. The thrill of the chase and then the wins that come after, fuel me to be more creative and innovative and charge up the rest of the team for the service and delivery. Who knew bricks and mortar could be so fulfilling?! It’s the people and their passion for what we all do together that gets me excited. When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Outside the office is a playground and a circus for me! I have four amazing girls who are witty, smart and so much fun. We have two amazing golden retriever pups who keep us all on our toes. I love to run outside, read and continue to challenge my brain. My favorite thing to do outside of the office is listen and dance to music. We have a TV, but it’s never on. The dance parties and singing at home is priceless. Get the five of us to a live concert and you will witness jubilation! With four active girls, I part-time gig as Uber Mom, hitting every part of town for soccer, softball, gymnastics, basketball, french horn, tuba… you name it. I’m living the best life!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.”

Henry Ford

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